Run  Time: 34:10

The much-anticipated arrival of artist Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project took place at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion.

Part of the Museum’s Play Time exhibition, the RedBall Project is a 250-pound red, inflated sculptural installation that has been squeezed into unexpected spaces in cities across the globe – Abu Dhabi, Paris, Toronto, Sydney and Montreal, among them. Around the world viewers have become participants as they bounce, photograph, discuss and explore their city in new ways.

Perschke has selected 10 locations to place the RedBall during its stay in the Glass City. Each day the 15-foot-in-diameter red ball will go to a different site, ending back at the Museum Aug. 23, this time on the Peristyle Terrace.

A Chicago native, Perschke works in sculpture, video, collages and public space. He travels the world with the RedBall to explore the unique architectural landscape and history of each city he visits, in essence, making the city itself a canvas.

“The magnetic, playful and charismatic nature of RedBall allows the work to access the imagination embedded in all of us. On the surface, the experience seems to be about the ball itself as an object, but the true power of the project is what it can create for those who experience it. It opens a doorway to the imagination,” Perschke has said of the work.