Run Time: 22:23
Sarah Carvill and Michelle Glowa discussed linking the aims of the alternative agrifood movement to policy action in the Obama Administration.
They discussed several case studies of Obama administration actions to look at the dialectical relationship between the administration and the alternative agrifood movement. The case studies are evaluated based on criteria developed from the agroecology literature and literature on food security, agrarianism, and the alternative agrifood movement as a whole. Movement responses to these administrative actions then considered in characterizing the dialogue. Their findings suggest that the Obama administration is committed to tackling issues of food security and promoting the well being of small-scale and mid-scale farmers and their local agrifood economies. They also found evidence that the deconsolidation of large agribusiness, equitable trade and workers' rights do not rank high on Obama's food and agriculture agenda.
The presentation was part of the Local Food Systems Conference held at the Toledo Hilton. The conference aimed to bring together both academics and practitioners to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with regard to developing and maintaining local food systems in old industrial regions.