Run Time: 1:23

The Toledo Area Aboriginal Research Society featured a presentation by Dr. David Stothers, at Wildwood Metropark.

The topic of his talk was: The Dawn of Prehistory in Ohio: The Introduction of European Trade Goods into the Western Lake Erie Basin and Beyond Through Established Native Trade Routes.

This presentation provided a third proposal for a trade route into the interior of the US and Canada. The route was an ancient native trade route that brought European trade items into the interior of the Northeast of what became the United States and Canada, which in some cases was more than 100 years before Europeans were to set foot in these areas.

Dr. Stothers is a professor of Anthropology at the University of Toledo, Director of the Western Lake Erie Archaeological Research Program (WLEARP) at the University of Toledo, and Director of the Firelands Archaeological Research Center (FARC) at the Amherst Historical Society in Amherst, Ohio