Patricia Ringos Beach spoke on “The Legacy of Diploma Nursing Schools in Toledo.”

The 20th century was a time of great change in our country and the nursing profession was no different. From 1893 to 1999, eight hospital based diploma schools of nursing operated in Toledo. As medical care advanced, this core group of schools worked to send the best trained registered nurses into our lives to care for our sick and teach us how to stay healthy.

The book Caps, Capes and Caring: The Legacy of Diploma Nursing Schools in Toledo was written by five authors, nurses and diploma school graduates: Patricia Ringos Beach, Susan J. Eisel, Maria Elizabeth Nowicki, Judy Harris Szor, and Beth E. White.

Patricia Ringos Beach shared stories and pictures illustrating the amount of change experienced in nursing education and healthcare.

The lecture was part of Lourdes Lifelong Learning program. Lifelong Learning is an educational program at Lourdes. It is open to all interested men and women, the only requirement for participation is an interest in ongoing learning. 

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