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The University of Toledo Department of History was the sponsor of the Charles DeBenedetti Peace Conference.

Renee Heberle came to the Department of Political Science at the University of Toledo in fall of 1997. She teaches courses in the field of political philosophy and various topical seminars such as "Sexual Politics" and "The Politics of Violence in Law and Society." She has published essays and edited collections about contemporary political philosophy, gender and the death penalty, and feminist theories and practices that challenge sexual violence.

Dr. Heberle did her Ph.D in Political Science at the University of Massachusetts where she had her first experience teaching in prisons. Her current research and teaching about prisons focuses on the place of prisons in our collective life as citizens. She examines the historical and contemporary stories we, as citizens of a liberal democratic state, identify with prisons in themselves and with those who inhabit them. These narratives have facilitated the massive expansion and increasingly violent impulses of the modern carceral state; effective counter narratives must be established to challenge the collective obsession with punishment. She is interested in cultivating the interdisciplinary study of prisons and forms of punishment at the university and working with the community to raise awareness of the crisis of mass incarceration.

In 2010 Dr. Heberle helped launch the Inside/Out Prison Exchange program to the UT campus and the Toledo Correctional Facility.