Run Time: 9:41
The University of Toledo and Ohio Sea Grant sponsored two free workshops to combat the increasingly severe problem of harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie. The workshops were held at the University of Toledo College of Law.
Harmful algal blooms (HABs), excessive growths of toxin-producing algae that form in Lake Erie during the summer, adversely impact aquatic life and human health as well as recreation, tourism, fishing, and property values. Triggered primarily by excess phosphorus, HABs in Lake Erie have reached crisis proportions in recent years. At these half-day workshops, experts from science, government and law will address best practices and legal tools for reducing phosphorus entering Lake Erie and its tributaries from key sources in Ohio.
Dr. Reutter spoke on harmful algal blooms and the problems they pose in Lake Erie; phosphorus is a key driver in the formation of HABs; important Ohio sources of phosphorus to Lake Erie and its tributaries.