Run Time: 26:59

Dr. Romules Durant, the 30Th superintendent for Toledo Public Schools, gave an update on the district and its future.

Dr. Durant is a proud graduate of Waite High School, one of the district’s traditional high schools, Romules began working for Toledo Public Schools in 1999 as a classroom teacher. From there, he became an assistant principal, a principal and then assistant superintendent.

Charismatic and confident, he is focused on a core list of goals that dictate how he will lead TPS. His focus includes increasing student academic achievement, raising the graduation rate, encouraging parent involvement, robust accountability among staff and ensuring that the district is operating at its greatest efficiency.

Dr. Durant developed a new mission and vision statement for Toledo Public Schools both highlight how he plans to move the district forward and his focus on student success. Romules played a pivotal role in creating the district’s highly acclaimed, multi-year, transformation plan. The plan addresses increasing community partnerships, broadening educational opportunities for students and establishing neighborhood schools.

Student success is a number one priority for the new superintendent. In a recent newspaper interview, Dr. Durant stressed that he wants all TPS students and potential students to know “they’re at the heart of everything TPS does and that all decisions are made in their best interest.” He is also the founder of two popular student leadership groups, Young Men of Excellence and Young Women of Excellence.

The presentation was part of a Toledo Rotary meeting held at The Park Inn.