Thor J. Mednick, David Loewnstein, Dr. Brain Kennedy, Rachel Richardson | Arts Diplomacy Panel Discussion | September 28, 2015 | Haigh Auditorium

Run Time: 44:57

University of Toledo Assistant Professor of Art History, Thor J. Mednick, who teaches a course in Arts Diplomacy moderated a panel discussion featuring David Loewenstein, renowned community artist and Founder of the Mid-America Mural Project; Dr. Brian Kennedy, Director of the Toledo Museum of Art and Director and Eminent Professor at the University of Toledo; and Rachel Richardson, Director and Mural Coordinator for Art Corner Toledo.

The panel discussed the arts as a mode of economic, political, and cultural intervention in the Toledo community. The underlying question discussed was what form could such intervention take and how could it be marshaled to create change, development, and empowerment in and for the community.