Thomas Abowd | Jerusalem and the Prospects for Peace in Palestine and Israel | October 11, 2015 | University of Toledo

Run Time: 28:34

Thomas Abowd spoke on "Jerusalem and the Prospects for Peace in Palestine/Israel."

Thomas Abowd teaches in the Departments of Anthropology, American Studies, and Colonialism Program at Tufts University. He has been involved
in activist and scholarly projects related to the Middle East for the last two decades, including the first US student initiative to build a sister-university relationship between an American school and a Palestinian one in 1990. He completed his PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Columbia University in 2003 and has done extensive research in Palestine and Israeli on the politics of urban space, housing policy, racial politics, and land law in contemporary Jerusalem. 

The lecture was part of the 15th annual Mikhail Memorial Lecture. The presentation was held at The University of Toledo.