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The University of Toledo Department of History was the sponsor of the Charles DeBenedetti Peace Conference.
Terry Lodge is a Toledo, Ohio, trial lawyer who has represented many clients in civil rights, civil liberties, corporate welfare reform, and environmental cases. A long-time critic of the corporate state, he has represented opponents of nuclear weapons, antiwar activists, and many who have stood against government-corporate combines that would destroy nature and pollute the land and water forever for one generation's profit. Holder of bachelor's, master's and law degrees, he was recognized as an ACLU civil libertarian of the year in 2005, won a regional access to justice award in 2003, and was knighted as "redoubtable" by Ralph Nader in his book, Crashing the Party. One of his greatest honors has been to represent protesters against mountaintop removal who were listed as a low-to-moderate security threat in a recent newsletter of the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security.