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In a talk at the University of Toledo’s McQuade Law Auditorium Kathy Kelly said she has been with people in war zones and learned that if you’re standing next to a woman holding a baby with fear on her face while bombs are exploding all around, you see one thing. But if you’re seeing a military bombing assault on television in your living room, it could look like fireworks.
Kelly, whose first Nobel Peace Prize nomination was submitted by previous Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire, helped found the peace group Voices in the Wilderness and is a coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence.
She has traveled to war zones around the world, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Gaza, Lebanon and Bosnia. She earned a bachelor of arts degree from Loyola University, in her hometown of Chicago, and a master’s degree in religious education from Chicago Theological Seminary. She has won more than 30 awards and honorary degrees and wrote a book titled “Other Lands Have Dreams,” published in 2005. She served for many years as a high school teacher.