Run Time: 41:14
Katie Swartz introduces the Rain Garden Initiative of Toledo-Lucas County with a look back at the summer of 2006. Citizens in Toledo and Lucas County sustained heavy flooding from a series of rainstorms. The rainwater from these storms exceeded the capacity of the ditches and storm sewers on which the area depends to collect storm water and transport it safely to our rivers and lakes. The volume of storm water is increased in urban areas like Toledo because we have impervious surfaces like parking lots, roads and buildings that cause the water to run off instead of being absorbed into the ground. In response, our Congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur, suggested that we need to find ways to encourage the infiltration of storm water into the ground instead of trying to build bigger and better ditches and sewers in Toledo and Lucas County. She was inspired by an effort to build 10,000 rain gardens in Kansas City, Missouri.