Run Time: 55:26
Author, Kim Delmar Cory, provides historical fiction for young people to Michigan schools. Cory explains the relationship between herself, schools, students and history. Younger students enjoy learning about the writing process as Ms. Cory brings 'sloppy copies' of her work and historical reference materials to show budding authors the many layers of writing about history. Ms. Cory and students together create word pictures in interactive activities that teach students the importance of 'showing not telling' when they write! For upper elementary grades, Ms. Cory focuses on Michigan history along with the writing process, including a Michigan History game. For middle and high school grades, the focus is on the writing process, research, as well as the publishing process. If students are reading any of her books, Ms. Cory will be pleased to read a chapter aloud to the class. Time is always left for questions so students can learn that Kim doesn't know J.K. Rowling (she must shop at a different Meijers than does Kim) and that Kim is the official changer of kitty litter in her household.