Bowling Green State University hosted a symposium on, “Superbugs! Antibiotic Resistance Matters.” The lecture was a Ned E. Baker Lecture. The Ned E. Baker Lecture in Public Health was established in 1999 to honor Baker's many contributions to the field of Public Health. 

Hans Wildschutte, associate professor of biology at Bowling Green State University, earned his Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh in 2006 and postdoctoral training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2007-2011. His research is directed to understanding the impact of environmental factors on the emergence of multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogens and the use of natural bacteria as a source of novel antibiotic discovery. His approach involves population-level dynamics and bridges research aspects pertaining to clinical and environmental microbiology with a special interest in the roles that microbial interactions have on the diversity of antibiotic production and resistant mechanisms. Wildschutte has a broad background in molecular biology and microbiology, with particular expertise in bacterial pathogenesis, microbial ecology, the evolution and emergence of pathogenicity, and antibiotic discovery.

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