Run Time: 55:32
The ancient Egyptians were masters at mummy making. They preserved bodies with great care, even fashioning false parts for missing appendages. The secrets of mummification were passed from generation to generation but never written down. Bob Brier discussed his research in the ancient Egyptian methods of mummification. Pat Remler discussed why the Egyptians’ mythology and religion led them to preserve their bodies.
Dr. Brier, affectionately known as “Mr. Mummy,” is recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on mummies. As a senior research fellow at Long Island University, he conducts pioneering research in mummification practices and has investigated some of the world’s most famous mummies, including King Tut, Vladimir Lenin, and Ramses the Great. He was the first person to mummify a human cadaver using the exact techniques of the ancient Egyptians.
Patricia Remler is an author, photographer, and art historian. She has been a researcher for numerous documentaries on Egypt and mummies, and the author of Egyptian Mythology A–Z. Ms. Remler teaches ancient Egyptian art and mythology at Long Island University.