The University of Toledo School of Visual and Performing Arts presented a dialogue focused on Multi-Sensory Literacy and Learning. Daily, we are bombarded by a cacophony of stimuli signaling each of our senses. Consider the ubiquitous cell phone–there's and app for that! Most often, we involuntarily react to our senses without fully engaging the experience. How can we develop a fuller understanding of our sensory messaging systems, using them to enhance our human experience? What strategies and educational approaches can be used to heighten our sensory awareness, improve our sensory literacy, and enhance our learning?

Lance Gharavi, Associate Professor of Drama, Arizona State University, is an experimental artist, scholar, and an early pioneer in the field of digital performance, Gharavi specializes in collaborating with trans-disciplinary teams of artists, scientists, designers, and engineers to create original and innovative works of media-rich, live performance. Recent projects have involved research robots, architectural projection, social media, 3D projections, seismic tomography, and planetarium systems.

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