Midwest Mindset examines Contemporary Art practice in the once-thriving Heartland. The decline of the Midwest is evident in the crumbling remains of the Industrial Age. Once well-oiled and strong, these rusting factories stand as reminders of prosperity in America, of the hard work of generations past, and of opportunity for reinvention. In the 19th century, the Midwest was a land of opportunity. New factories fortified the region with jobs. Craftsmen and innovators pushed the Industrial Revolution forward, and the American Dream manufactured itself. While many of the factory jobs that created these cities have disappeared, conglomerated, or moved overseas, a sense of pride, hard work, and craftsmanship still pervades. People carry the Midwest Mindset.

Artists in this exhibition shared a nostalgia for craft, manufacturing, transportation, and an American dream that didn't necessarily work out.

The lecture was held at The University of Toledo.