Run Time: 59:50
The Rise of Food. During the second half of the 20th century, world population rose at an amazing rate –increasing from 2.5 billion in 1950, to six billion in 1999. Living standards improved greatly, which added to food demand. However, food supplies rose faster than demand, in part from expanded agricultural land use, but primarily due to technological advances that resulted in higher crop yields. With supplies rising faster than demand, commodity prices fell.
Population is expected to reach nine billion in the middle of this century, and greater agricultural production will be needed. Without yield-enhancing technological improvements, food will grow scarcer, thereby causing more people to go hungry and diminishing global economic expansion.
Leading agricultural economist and faculty member at Ohio State University, Dr. Douglas Southgate presented, “More People and Less Poverty in 2050: Satisfying the Rising Demand for Food,” at the monthly Northwest Ohio Ag-Business Breakfast Forum.
The program was held at the Agricultural Incubator Foundation. Support for Knowledge Stream is provided, in part, by a generous gift from The Appold Family Charitable Trust.