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The Archaeology of Prehistoric Native Americans in the Western Lake Erie Region Conference was held at the University of Toledo. The archaeological Conference was an opportunity for the public and amateur and professional archaeologists to become familiar with prehistoric and historic events in the Western Lake Erie Region. The purpose was to bring more light to bear on the Native American cultures of the Western Lake Erie Region during the time period from 1000 B.C. to 1800 A.D.
Donald Simons, an avocational archaeology enthusiast, has held many positions in the Michigan Archaeological Society for 44 years.
He likewise has been a member of the Ohio Archaeological Society for 40 years. Research data combining stone tool typology and lithic types from both surface collected and excavated sites throughout the Saginaw valley yields compelling evidence for major trade and cultural interaction between occupants of the Saginaw area and the circum-Lake Erie Basin populations during both the Late Archaic and Early Woodland period.