Run Time: 44:56
The Toledo Astronomical Association hosted a presentation by Dave Pawlowski, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Eastern Michigan University entitled "How's the (space) weather at Mars?"
For the past several decades, Mars has become the subject of intense scientific study, not only because it is our most accessible planetary neighbor, but also because it offers an interesting laboratory that can shed light on the physical processes that may have once affected, or may yet affect, the Earth. In particular, scientists have worked hard to understand what happened to thick atmosphere that is believed to have once existed there. As more and more is understood about the planet and its evolution, more questions have been uncovered that continue to make Mars the source of much curiosity. Lately, researchers have become interested in more than just typical conditions that dominate the Mars atmosphere and seek to understand more about the time dependent behavior of the Martian system. One question that is being asked is, how does the planet respond to highly dynamic solar conditions? In other words, what is the space weather like at Mars? The idea of space weather, a term that has long since applied to the conditions in the near-Earth space environment, now has importance at Mars