Run Time: 47:22
The Annual Philip Markowicz Lecture on Jewish Biblical Studies took place on Monday, Oct. 24, with “‘Glorious Seraphim Surround the Throne’: Apocalypse and Afterlife in Jewish Thought From the Second Temple Period to Today.”
Presented by Markowicz Visiting Assistant Professor of Judaism and Jewish Biblical Studies Dr. James Waddell, the lecture explored Jewish ideas about the afterlife.
Waddell, who is in his second year of presenting the lecture, traced the development of Jewish ideas about judgment and afterlife, beginning with pre-exilic traditions in the Torah, apocalyptic ideations and other traditions during the Second Temple period.
“During the Second Temple period, there was a type of literature becoming popular called apocalyptic literature that speculated about heaven, hell and the afterlife,” Waddell said. “It gave Jewish people hope for something beyond the difficulties they faced, hope that there was more to life than domination by foreign powers.”