KELSEY O'BRIEN, Jesup Scott Honors College Psychology Major, Spanish Minor, spoke at The University of Toledo. The lecture was part of The Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women, Lunch with a Purpose. This series allows individuals to present their outstanding research to colleagues on campus, while fostering interdisciplinary discussions.

Kelsey O’brien’s research examines the relationship between affective associations (i.e., how one feels about something) and levels of health behaviors (e.g., frequency of physical activity). According to prior research, positive affective associations are more likely to predict intentions of health behaviors than cognitive variables (e.g., one’s beliefs). Interestingly, the desired affective state has been found to differ cross-culturally. For this study, data was collected from two sampling populations, one among undergraduate students at The University of Toledo, and the other among undergraduate students at the University of Ghana. The results have the potential to innovate health interventions on a more global scale.
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