Run Time: 35:22
Joel Philip Myers presented "Blowin in the Wind". His work explores vibrant color, as well as lack of color, in painterly, blown vessels that acquire depth and density through the layering of pieces of glass (or shards) onto the surface during the blowing process. Like many artists of his generation, Myers came into glass from ceramics, and he pretty much came into it by accident. While at Alfred, he was offered the job of director of design at Blenko Glass, a manufacturer of colorful tableware headquartered in Milton, WV. This was his introduction to glass, and in his seven years there, he designed more than 400 products, all blown in Blenko’s bright palette. The presentation was part of the GAS conference. In recognition of the Toledo Museum of Art's role as the cradle of the American Studio Glass Movement, the Glass Art Society held its 2012 conference in Toledo, Ohio. In 1962, two experimental glass workshops held at the Museum proved that glass was a medium suitable for the expression of artistic ideas in a studio environment. They launched a movement that was propelled by an unprecedented collective enthusiasm and since has turned into an international phenomenon that continues to inspire experimentation.