What are the benefits of being totally present to the moment, and accepting of what is happing? Too many of us rush through life and we miss the signals that another person may be sending. Joyce Harvey makes a conscious effort to be aware and accepting of those around her, and in her travels perfect strangers have shared their extraordinary stories and experience with her. Joyce then created a heartwarming book of travels through different countries and through life.

Joyce Harvey is a motivational and inspirational speaker, trainer, facilitator and writer. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Gold Star Mothers. Joyce is the author of Open to the Moment: 25 Heartwarming Travel Tales; Swan Lessons: A Bereavement Mother's Story of Courage and Discovery and How Do You Grow a New Heart. She is also a contributing author for Chicken Soup book series.

Joyce Harvey’s lecture was part of Lourdes University's Lifelong Learning Monthly Lecture Series. The series aims to bring outstanding speakers to our community. It was held at Lourdes Franciscan Center.

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