Run Time: 1:16
Author Mitchell Garwolinski presented this lecture in honor of Polish Heritage month at Ski's Polish Restaurant in Sylvania, Ohio. Publisher, Acorn Publishing, says of the book (written with Bob Hoffman) - "In war years that took six million Jewish lives in unthinkable atrocities, this book exposes how Poland and her people were also caught in the path of the Nazi war machine. This eye-witness account of a child survivor of concentration camps, torture, and medical experimentation offers authentic documentation of what happened in these most heinous facilities. Mitch's perspective is unique: his family was not Jewish, but Catholic. He was not a Polish citizen, but an American. History is starkly personal. Here, the experiences of one family provide a broader perspective on the devastating impact of the Third Reich on Poland. Beyond the horror, this true story exults in the commonality and will to survive that all humans have somewhere deep within them. A story of remarkable courage, compassion, and insight."