The University of Toledo School of Visual and Performing Arts, and their partners, presented a dialogue for the future—The 2017 SVPA Arts Symposium: The Role of the Arts in Today's America.

The purpose of the symposium was to broaden the dialogue and to build a regional coalition with a voice. Their partners included the Toledo Museum of Art, the Arts Commission, and the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.
The day-long event featured four sessions and a keynote address delivered by Will Lucas. Lucas is the Founder and CEO at Classana, an online learning platform where individuals and organizations share, discover and organize resources for personal and professional development. He also founded Creadio, a marketing and communications firm servicing nationally recognized brands in 2007, and is Founder and Curator at TEDxToledo.

The session topics were: “Our Current Artistic Moment,” a timely topic exploring concerns about artistic responses to the current social and political moment; “Programming the Arts Across a Divide,” which looks at the challenges of creating meaningful arts events across a range of divides - urban, rural, cultural, ethnic, economic and others; “Arts in Education,” which explores how we ensure that the arts continue to occupy a valued place in the curriculum along with other disciplines; and “Arts and Community,” which considers what is needed to sustain the organizations and projects that provide arts experiences and services to diverse communities.
The panel consisted of: