Run Time: 56:37

Maumee Valley Country Day School’s Upper School students hosted an annual Issue Day. This year’s Issue Day was centralized around art and how art connects to various aspects of life.

Dan Chudzinski presented "Art Attack: Dan Chudzinski's Creatures and Curiosities.” He was born and raised in Fremont, Ohio (USA), Dan’s earliest memories involve creating art and his love for animals. When he was 3, his mother found him using her lipstick to create a dinosaur mural on the back of his father’s armchair. Upon realizing that they could identify the species the toddler portrayed, his parents began to encourage their son’s interest in art and his passion for wildlife.

As a teenager Dan began volunteering at a local zoo, observing necropsies and preparing taxidermy specimens for public education, skinning his first hippopotamus at age 17. During his studies at Miami University, he journeyed to Rome where he found his calling to become an artist.

In his quest to expand his skill set, Dan has worked as a special effects sculptor, studied marble carving in Italy, and completed an M.F.A in Sculpture from Bowling Green State University, and recently joined forces with an artillery expert to produce functional cannons for film and television. His work ranges in venue from zoos to natural history museums to amusements parks and private collections. Dan currently teaches studio art as a fullā€time faculty member at Terra State Community College.