In Pakistan, the distance between Attock to Peshawar is merely 80 kilometers but the area is embedded with ancient and recent history. From the Vedic age (1500 BCE) to the arrival of Alexander of Macedonia, from Hindu Shahi kingdoms to the travel of Afghans back and forth across the Khyber Pass, from the invasion of Sikhs to the arrival of the British, all those who passed through the region left an indelible mark on the land and on the people.

Dr. S. Amjad Hussain gave a lecture in conjunction with the exhibition Anila Quayyum Agha: Between Light and Shadow. Dr. S. Amjad Hussain is Op-Ed columnist for the Toledo Blade and University of Toledo Emeritus Professor of both Humanities and Thoracic/Cardiovascular Surgery.

The lecture was held at The Toledo Museum of Art.

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