From the early 1800’s, Toledo was often in the middle of new developments of transportation and energy infrastructure in the U.S. These infrastructure expansions were crucial to the development of modern agriculture, business, and industry in America, and state and federal governments played key roles by providing incentives for new technology development. Energy transitions from wood to coal to petroleum to nuclear, hydro, and renewables were exceedingly important and governments again were major players. We now face energy and transportation challenges of historic proportions that will require full engagement of all sectors of our society, but solutions are at hand if the will is there.

Al Compaan spoke on the subject. He is a distinguished University Professor Emeritus in the Physics and Astronomy Department at The University of Toledo. He has been leading a research effort for more than 25 years in thin-film photovoltaic materials and devices.

The presentation was part of Life Long Learning at Lourdes University.