Dr. Jeffrey Long, chair of Religious Studies Department from Elizabethtown College, delivered a lecture on Hinduism.
The term "tree hugger" actually comes from Hinduism and the religion’s philosophy of unity encourages sustainability, according to Dr. Jeffery D. Long, associate professor and chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pa.
So then why in India and other countries that practice the religion are there environmental problems such as pollution and deforestation?
Long answered that question and more during the annual lecture on Eastern Religious Thought.
"If you look at the impact on religion at the local, national and international stages, it’s obvious if you want to understand the world around you that it’s important to understand religion. And not only that, it can deepen and add perspective to your own worldview."
The lecture was held at the University of Toledo Law School, and was cosponsored by the Hindu Temple of Toledo.